What Are Lennie's Experiences With Animals Foreshadow

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Lennie’s Experiences with Animals Foreshadow Death Lennie's experiences with animals foreshadow later events because the actions with animals are negative. They show that Lennie is out of control and careless. For example, Lennie has killed mice by only petting them, which was said in the passage. Next , when Carlson wants to shoot Candy’s dog right in the back of the head, Candy is hesitant because he has had the dog for a very long time. This foreshadows Lennie’s death when he is shot right in the back of the head by George, who really does not want to because George has been beside Lennie for so long and how innocent and benevolent Lennie had been. Another example is Lennie disobeying orders by George to avoid contact with puppies and…show more content…
For example, in the scene where Carleson is going to shoot Candy’s old dog, the silence is the huge elephant in the room, no one wants to talk about what is bound to happen because they see how it affects Candy. This leads into another example, the silence affects everyone in different ways. Obviously Candy seems to lament his decision of letting Carleson impetuously kill Candy’s dog for him. We know this because Candy only stares at the ceiling looking solemn. George tries to deal with the silence by offering a game of euchre to the other men. However, this leads to the final example, the silence prevails. The silence comes back after each man’s attempt to break it, for example, when Slim suggests that Candy can have one of the pups from the recent litter, silence comes right back after the statement. It seems that the silence speaks to all of the men in the little bunkhouse, they acknowledge that there is an elephant in the room, but all of the men choose not to talk much because the silence feels more suitable. It seem that everything moves slowly and does not achieve its normal speed until everyone hears the gunshot it the
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