What Are Leonardo Da Vinci's Major Accomplishments

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During the renaissance new thinking accrued and history was shaped in a new way. The Renaissance was a time when people started to question the way of thinking. They started to produce new things, such as inventions, science, medicine and art. The promoted humanism, with reasoning instead of religion.1 Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance man, meaning he was interested in all of the new learning topics. With his studies of science, realism in art and military machines, Leonardo da Vinci shaped history. Without the help of Leonardo, and his science experience, our knowledge in science would not be the same. Leonardo drew many drawings of the human body, including skeletons and muscles.2 He also dissected human bodies, to be able to understand the human body more in depth.3 He used his knowledge on the human body to create the measurement of man. Which is a picture of a man in all angles.4 In 1490’s, Leonardo began filling notebooks.5 He wrote upsidedown and backwards to hide his inventions and works, from others.6 They were called codices.7 Yet they were not published till 1500’s.8 Since his interest in science was so detailed,…show more content…
With the help of Leonardo art became smooth and more realistic. Leonardo’s very first piece of art that he made was the bronze statue.9 He worked on the statue for 12 years.10 The statue was destroyed in war.11 The statue was created for was for Francesco Sforza.12 In 1433 clay model was ready and redone.13 In 1472 Leonardo was asked to to join the painters guild’ of Florence.14 He was 20 years old. But Leonardo remained with Verrocchio, until 1478 then became. independant.15 Leonardo worked on many paintings during the renaissance.16 One of his most famous paintings is the Mona Lisa.17 It was made between 1503 and 1506.18 Yet there was only portrait that survived.19 Art had a big change during the renaissance and gave satisfaction to all who saw or created
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