What Are Mildred D. Taylor's Goals

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Argumentative Essay Mildred D. Taylor is an author who writes with compassion and love. She has a goal. Her goal is that her characters ¨unite in love, pride, and respect themselves and won´t let others take advantage of them.¨ Through her hard work and love for writing Taylor accomplished her goals. In the story ¨Song of the Trees” she shows her goals and wants come to life through Cassie and her family. Let's see how many of her goals she actually accomplishes! Cassie is bold and won´t stand people who try to hurt her or especially her trees. Cassie loves her wonderful trees. ¨´All right,´Big Ma said, her voice trembling.´ All right Mr. Andersen.´´No Big Ma!´ I cried, leaping onto the porch.´ You can´t let him cut our trees.¨In this quote,
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