What Are Okonkwos Actions

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Okomkwo's thoughts and actions leads to how Okonkwos motivations by okonkwo not wanting to be nothing like his father. Okonkwos thoughts were that people are going to judge him by his fathers ways, but everyone knows that okonkwo is nothing like his father. 'But his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.”Oknonkwo ever sense he was a child his thoughts were to never be like his father. Okonkwos actions were to work hard for everything he needed. He never let his family go without things that they needed to survive. “But his wives and young children were not strong, and they suffered.””But they dared not to complain openly.” Okonkwos thoughts and actions leads to how okonkwos motivations establishs the theme
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