What Are Ronald Reagan's Major Achievements

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Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents of the United States and was known for good reasons, this essay will tell you about him and his accomplishments.

Ronald reagan was born on February, 6th, 1911 in Tampico Illinois. His parents John Edward Reagan and Nelle Wilson Reagan. When Ronald Reagan was in school he was an athlete and the student body president he graduated from dixon high school and as a summer job he got a job as a lifeguard and has said to have saved over 70 people from drowning.

Ronald Reagan served as the governor of California for two years and was part of the republican party. Ronald Reagan served as president of the United States of America and was sworn in on January, 20th, 1981 and served from 1981 to 1989.

Ronald Reagan married and then divorced his first wife Jane Wyman on june of 1948.

Then later remarried to a woman named Nancy Davis Reagan on March 4th 1951.They had multiple children including Ron Reagan, Patti Davis,Michael Reagan, and Maureen Reagan.

During his presidential race and election Ronald Reagan had a landslide victory over Jimmy carter with 489 electoral votes to Jimmy Carter's 49 electoral votes. And another landslide victory Ronald Reagan who had 43,903,203 popular votes to Jimmy Carter’s
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Mondale. Ronald Reagan came in with another landslide victory with 525 electoral votes to Walter Mondale’s 13 electoral votes. Walter Mondale had only one state’s electoral votes. The popular vote margin was a little bit closer. Ronald Reagan had 54,445,075 popular votes to Walter Mondale’s 37,577,185 popular votes. Ronald Reagan once again came out with the win and started his second term as president. Ronald reagan wanted to stop the terrorism across the atlantic ocean in Libya, Iran, and Iraq after an attack on a Berlin nightclub which killed several Americans. Ronald Reagan emerged victorious and maintained the free flow of oil during the
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