What Are Some Ethical Decisions In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Ethical decisions are made very frequently in life, as are unethical decisions. In The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and Macbeth by William Shakespeare, there are many more unethical decisions made than ethical ones. Doctor House also seems to make decisions in the show “House” that seem very unethical, but because he is a doctor, he must follow a different set of rules than everyone else. Thinking about each decision before making it can change the entire outcome of the situation, whether that is positive or negative. Monte Cristo is concerned with getting revenge, which almost always leads to a negative outcome. Macbeth is trying to win the thrown, which leads him to make very unethical decisions. House, on the other hand, thinks hard about every situation and thinks about the outcomes in his head so he can make the best decision for his patients. Each character must make many decisions, but some of them do not always think them through. In…show more content…
His granddaughter, Valentine, was being forced by her father to marry Franz d’Epinay. Noirtier did not like Franz and was angry that she was going to be married to be married to him so he took Valentine out of his will (Dumas 250-251). Later, Valentine introduces Monsieur Noirtier to her true love, Maximilien Morrel. Nortier speaks with Maximilien and wants him to be married to his granddaughter (297-298). Nortier helps get Valentine out of her marriage to Franz by telling him that he killed Franz’s father. Although this upsets Franz deeply, Valentine becomes very grateful to him because she can now be with Maximilien (303-310). Using Hopper’s questions, Noirtier’s decision is justified because he is helping his granddaughter. His decision was not habit forming, nor was it illegal. It was safe and it was the right thing to do. It would also make him feel good about himself because he knew that Valentine would be happy

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