Cultural Differences In Family Culture Essay

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If implored to think of a traditional white, Christian, middle class family, many would conjure up similar images to the white picket fence living characterized so strongly in mass media. Turn on the TV and there they are- the perfect white suburban family. Two kids, named Matt and Sarah, and their dog; Sasha, a Golden Retriever, of course. Mom stays at home with the kids, holding down the fort while Dad dons his monkey suit to work at the law firm each day. Evidenced here is how easily stereotypes can be identified in our culture- and how engrained they are in identifying parallels or differences in our own identity. Within collective culture, stereotypes can influence one's opinion and decision to associate with groups different than their…show more content…
Most take for granted their family’s ways, and they carry into adulthood numerous attitudes and behaviors acquired in childhood. Family cultures vary greatly in their ability to tolerate differences. Typically, this type of thinking is strongly rooted in traditions. For example, some cultures and families demand total allegiance to the values of the culture and regard any divergence from their foundations, or norms, as a direct threat to the well-being of the family. There are even families that go as far as to cut off a family member who embraces different philosophies or styles of living that are not conducive to their own beliefs. Our mother is one of those people. She has rooted her personal worth and success in what kind of person we grow into so completely; it is as if she thinks it is completely her responsibility or fault for how we turn out; not taking into consideration the environmental and cultural influences that also shape us. If we turn out, or are interested in, something she did not prescribe or approve of, then she feels has failed us and that we don't care about her or the family. This exclusionary, manipulative, toxic thinking has caused my brother, David, to finally say he has had
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