Online Dating Disadvantages

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On the other hand, the most important reason against with online dating is the possibility for love scams to occur, 35.2% (19). Users will deceive others by presenting their idealised manner is also next most important reason according to the respondents, 11.1% (6). The least most important reason respondents against with online dating are that it can easily dump people, 7.4% (4). Therefore, there are various benefits, disadvantages of online dating regardless the tools used either through online dating website, online dating apps or social networking sites as supported in my research problem.
In addition, there is less female more than male respondents that have tried online dating. There are 23 out of 27 female respondents (85.2%) that tried
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The reason of males going for online dating is slightly different than females. Although both gender agree that online dating provides a greater access for people with smaller circles, however, only minority of males think that online dating is a good medium for shy people. In other words, male respondents do not think this is the primary reason. This might be associated to the gender role of men where they are supposed to be brave; they are supposed to take the first move when initiating conversation (Malley, 2014). Hence, majority male respondents do not think this is the main reason for them to go for online dating. From this perspective, we can see that both male respondents and female respondents have different opinions towards the reason to go for online dating.
Overall, majority respondents think that online dating has more disadvantages than advantages, 63% (34) and other respondents do not sure whether it is good or bad, 24.1% (13). Hence, 61.1% (33) of respondents do not believe in finding romantic love through online dating. In conclusion, 63% (34) prefer to use traditional dating method rather than online
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Therefore, most respondents, 38.9% (21) disagree that online dating using online dating sites and mobile apps are to help to find a date, whereas social networking sites help people to find a friend. Hence, most respondents, 57.4% (31) also agree that students use social media rather than online dating websites or mobile apps. This is due to most of the people use social network as a match finder for some them rather than online dating app. Hence, social media is very popular. From another perspective, mobile app also can be used to find friends instead of date. In addition, there is one male respondent said that all tools can be used at the same time to increase the chances and frequency to have a successful date. 27.8% (15) respondents do agree social networking sites and online dating sites or mobile apps have different purpose and 33.3% (18) respondents are not sure. The reason that social networking sites are just helping people to find friend according to some respondents is that people who joins social media already been in a relationship and hence not fancy to find a
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