What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Robotics In Medical Technology Pros And Cons

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• In-house manufacture – Instead of outsourcing the manufacturing process to a different country, you could start your own manufacturing plants which in turn will help with overall economy of the country. Cons: • Initial Investment – The initial investment is heavy due to large upfront hardware and software purchase and programming with the work force training. • Experts are limited – The experts in this field are hard to find since the industrial programming for these bots is sophisticated. The skill set required for this programming is still in the infant phase, so your options are very limited. In order to hire an expert in this field, you would need to pay what they demand without any negotiations. • Maintenance – The concept of maintenance, troubleshooting and programming will certainly halt the production. A periodic maintenance is required and…show more content…
This is not known widely due to the extensive uses and a few drawbacks. Let’s discuss about the good and bad side of using robots in medicine production and medical emergencies. Pros: • Increase in Human Productivity – Future algorithms and robot technology growth will predict, diagnose, monitor and prescribe the required medicines to the sick patients with uninterrupted observation. These functions account for 80% of what the current doctors are performing and the other 20% would be personal care to get to know the exact mental and physical condition which is not possible for a robot. • High efficiency – The potential applications in the field of medicine is limitless. From open-source prosthetics technology to microscopic robots, there is a lot of potential yet to be explored and exploited by this field. With limitless access to the human body, doctors are able to pin point the location of infection, wounds, cancer cells and more. This is a tremendous growth to completely kill cancer causing cells and cure

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