The Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars

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A hybrid means a thing that made of combination of two different elements. Fuhs (2009) states that hybrid car is a combination of gasoline engine with an electrical motor. Gasoline engine is a device that propels work by burning of gasoline inside a chamber. This type of engine is being used in the conventional cars that most of us use today. Meanwhile, an electric motor is a device that produce work by converting electrical energy to kinetic energy. Marriage of these two elements yields a superior car that ensure favourable range capability and also quiet comfort and easy to control. The first hybrid was invented in 1900 in Belgium by a company named Pieper. Driven by small gasoline engine combined with an electric motor placed under the seat,…show more content…
The simple answer to the question of whether hybrid cars cause pollution is yes, of course they do. The majority of hybrid cars in production and on the road are burning the same kind of fuel used in conventional cars but they emit less carbon monoxide. According to Miller (2004), the electric motor runs most of the time. In case when driver need more power, they only have to accelerate more and combustion engine will take place propelling the wheels. Therefore less gaseous was emitted compared to conventional cars. Hybrid cars also produce less noise than gas-powered cars. Basically, electric motor is meant to work with low sound. Meanwhile, hybrid combustion engine has smaller combustion chamber compared to conventional ones. Hence, smaller explosion create low sound, producing more peaceful surroundings. So, hybrid cars are preserving the world by reducing air and sound…show more content…
With a smaller need of gasoline, the mining of fossil fuels could be reduced thus preventing from the nonstop execution of our minerals. Besides, hybrid cars also can reduce current pollution as they emit less harmful and toxic gaseous from the exhaust. Miller(2004) claimed that hybrid cars also produce low sound which means less noise compared to the regular combustion engine cars. Engineers use electrical motors as they meant to work with a low sound. Moreover, in terms of energy, hybrid cars have higher efficiency compared to conventional and full electric cars as it uses kinetic energy from braking to form electric energy then, charging the battery simultaneously. The engine downsizing applied in hybrid cars produce a lighten car with more power and smaller engine capacity. This had reduced the amount of heat loss to the surrounding hence increase it efficiency. Last but not least, hybrids propose lower service and maintenance cost. Fewer number of parts assembled in hybrids will reduce the consumer spending in service and

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