What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Technology?

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TITLE: Modern technology serves as a curse or a blessing in modern Pakistan for humanity AN INTRODUCTION: World has concurred moon, knowledge to its peak. Scientists experimenting on and exploring secrets of nature. Modern technology is a result of human curiosity. This curiosity could be the reason of joys as well as the fears world is experiencing today. Prior to the revolution in technology life was though yet simple, man power being the only source of production. In Pakistan the rise of modern technology find its roots in late 20th century. Installation of steam engines in mills, factories and houses results in the production of goods to an easier and faster end. Manual labor is replaced by machines. BRIEF LITERATURE REVIEW: For literature review researcher has…show more content…
In Modern technology advantages and disadvantages Trakhtenberg starts his article by a giving a mutual concept of technology and its makers, us. “Nowadays we create technology, but technology also creates us”. He peruse his article by counter arguments from the group of people belonging to different school of thoughts, one depicting technology as a source of saving the civilization and other as a source of ruining the civilization. First group based their arguments on the ways provided by technology that has made life easier and quicker. The ways such as easiest mode of communication and fastest manners of transportation. House hold machinery making life easy for common messes, development of highly modernized weapons for the save guard of nations is another example depicted by them. On the contrary, second group highlights the cons of industrial revolution by demanding the answers of question like ; is the production of products through machines not the resource of man empowerment? Highly modernized weapons causing destruction to a massive scale could never serve for
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