The Pros And Cons Of Internet Marketing

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These are some of the barriers that internet marketing faces today, companies which embrace the internet have to think about what those barriers maybe for their perspective advertisement on a global scale. Building an ordinary advert for your site will no longer lure customers to a company’s product/service online. In many countries charges to access the internet are high and may be off putting too users, this would mean that using the internet as a form of advertising would be pointless for advertisers in such countries.
Websites and advertisements must be multilingual and be adaptable to all cultures, English is the leading language online with (450M users) but this is been followed closely by Chinese (321.3M) and Spanish (122M) (DocPlayer, 2015).
Social media and Its Role as a
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At $5 billion, Facebook advertising makes up for majority of their revenue. (Oberoi, 2013).

Social media can offer small business the opportunity to perform localised as campaigns to increase business by targeting their locality and potential customers at a low cost. It is also been used by major companies that perform ad campaigns on a global scale as the social network has access to a wide variety of consumers and the cost will be significantly lower that a TV ad campaign would cost (Lake, 2016).
Advantage and Disadvantages of Internet Advertising
It is more important than ever for a company to use online advertising, as consumers use the internet in many different ways. Consumers are using the internet in every part of their daily lives, which is given advertisers countless opportunities to place relevant as messages to their targeted audience. Some advantages and disadvantages are as follows;

• Its more cost efficient than traditional media advertising as it can target consumers more accurately.
• It is beneficial to both large and small
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