What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Petroleum Engineering

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Petroleum Engineering Outline


• Engineering is the study of how things around the world work, with the help of the application of scientific and mathematical principles.
• It is divided into large number of branches that deals with earth up to aerospace. These branches vary but all aim in having a great impact in everyone’s life.
• Engineers aim to build a safe and easy environment to all individuals.
Petroleum engineering aims in the manufacturing of crude oil and natural gas.
• The manufacturing engineering helps in the procedure of designing a process to produce an efficient product to humans.
History of Petroleum
• Petroleum has been used in ancient times,
• Petroleum engineering started in 1915 by the University of
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Education And Qualification

The requirement is a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering; they take some basic mathematics and science courses that are mandatory for all engineering students. Later they take some major courses that separate each engineering field. The Petroleum Engineering graduates will have: An ability to apply knowledge of engineering, to design and to analyze and interpret data. The graduates mainly work as petroleum engineers for oil companies

The Advantages And Disadvantages

• High Pay: significantly higher than every other type of engineer.
• Few jobs requiring only a bachelor's degree have such high pay.
• Job outlook much faster than the average for all occupations.
• Negative impact on earth by releasing emissions
• This profession may require relocation and traveling to drilling site.
• A tendency for mass layoffs when oil prices decline.
• Working Conditions may not be the right for social people where an engineer needs to stay alone to concentrate and focus.
• Many petroleum engineers work far more than 40 hours a week.

Uses Of
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The demand for product and services is increasing, hence the need for manufacturing engineer’s increases. The role of manufacturing engineering revolves around the production processes and all related processes.

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History Of Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering has been used in ancient times. It was found used in factories in the mid 19th century. Even though manufacturing engineering existed since ancient time, it was added recently

“Bedour Ahmadi”
Nature Of The Work
Manufacturing engineer’s work focuses mainly on designing process and manufacturing process in order to improve production. Manufacturing engineer’s responsibility includes: space design, product planning, quality control, cost estimation, and marketing decision. Designing however includes designing workstation, designing the process flow, designing management information system, and design the whole manufacturing process. Manufacturing engineering aims to increase productivity, match consumers demand to the supply, improve production, and assure the best quality, at a minimum cost.


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