What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Expert Systems

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EXPERT SYSTEMS An expert system obtains the knowledge of a human expert in a narrow specified domain into a form that machine can implement. Expert systems are computer programs which have ability to perform and do something successfully in a particular field. This knowledge is generally stored separately from the program’s part that includes procedure and can be stored in many forms, like rules, D-trees (decision), models, and frames. They are also called as systemsbased on knowledge or rule. Structure of an Expert System Advantages: (i) It is not temporary and consistent. (ii) It is easily documented. Disadvantage: Expert Systems are not able to learn or accept new problems or situations. How expert systems can be used in power systems: Since expert systems are basically computer programs, the process of writing codes for these programs is simpler than actually calculating and estimating the value of parameters used inprocess of generation, transmission and distribution. Any changes even after design can be done because they are computer programs. GENETIC ALGORITHMS (GA) Genetic algorithm is a technique of selection of a best element from set of available options based on the study of natural selection and natural genetics. Its basic principle is that the fittest individual of a population has the highest probability and possibility for survival. Genetic algorithm gives a global technique based on biological metaphors. The Genetic algorithm is different
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