What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising

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The Evolution of Types of Billboards According to Cat Chien, Egyptian structured stone-base before temples and other religious building with hieroglyphics. By this form of communication, the obelisk is a closer ancestry to billboards as today. In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing project, he introduced modern advertising option by print in the form of leaflet. Before the current modern billboard advertising structure came to existence, people used to paste these large bills on the side of the building or reproduce by painting. In 1796, the new technology of the lithographic print produced the first illustrated poster. By 1889, the world’s first 24 sheet billboard was displayed at the Paris Exposition and the main purpose of billboards…show more content…
Factor1, helpful for society. This dimension represents consumer’s perception about the helpful implications of billboards advertising for social fabric. Billboard advertising promotes competition, which benefits the consumers and helps consumers keep up date about the products or services available in the market place. Factor2, better quality product. Billboard advertising results in better products for public. Billboard tell consumers which brands have the features they are looking for. Factor3, there is necessary that advertising through billboard and economical method of generating awareness is billboard advertising. These are the advantages of the billboard advertising. However, there are 3 disadvantages of billboard advertising. From factor4, harmful for society. There is some negative impact of billboard advertising today. Because of billboard advertising, people buy a lot of things they do not really need. Factor5, manipulative billboard advertising. In general, billboard advertising is misleading. Factor6, persuasion factor. Billboard advertising persuade people to buy things they should not buy and there is very little one can communicate through billboard

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