Advantages Of C-Section

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Vaginal Birth and C-Section: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Effects The expectations that pregnant women form about the birth process directly influence how they experience during birth (Hartfield, 2010). Previous experiences during birth underpin the expectations women have of their subsequent experiences. For example, women that have had negative experiences with vaginal birth often speak positively about caesarian section. The expectations about birth that women form can either be positive or negative, with how women respond to the birth process also having postnatal implications particularly when it comes to the welfare of the newborn children (Hartfield, 2010). Vaginal Birth (VB) The women interviewed in various surveys point to their…show more content…
For instance, C-section is useful in overcoming cases where the baby due is large for the mother’s pelvic movement to accommodate. Because C-section is a variable that health caregivers determine, and because it relieves labor pains rapidly compared to VB, mothers often express a preference for the procedure over VB (Darling, 2017). C-sections offer women leeway in planning for their delivery because they provide a definitive date of birth to the parents. C-section makes it convenient for parents to mobilize the resources necessary to accommodate the needs of the newborn. Equally, it is possible for parents to make other arrangements such as visits by family and friends where C-sections are…show more content…
For this reason, obstetric practitioners recommend up to three procedures and only then, as a last resort when the delivery process becomes acute (Hartfield, 2010). The prescription of more medication compared to VB also characterizes C-section. Medications pose a challenge because women that undergo C-section have reported being more lethargic due to the procedure and the care-intensive nature of taking care of newborns. Additionally, post-C-section palliative measures may necessitate dietary and mobility restrictions that may further distress new mothers (Darling,
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