What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of GMO

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Genetically modified foods are foods produced from organisms that have had changes introduced to their DNA using the process of genetic engineering. Genetically Modified Products have certain disadvantages and advantages they have advantages but come along with a lot of disadvantages and if people are given GMO’s without them knowing they will consume foods that may have side effects and because they don’t know they can’t prevent these side effects. This essay will analyse whether it is ethically correct to distribute unlabelled GMO/GMP’s in Africa looking very closely at the process by which food is genetically modified and the positive and negative effects that GMO/GMP have on people. The process in which food is genetically modified starts with the isolation of the desired gene. Copies of that gene are made and then the scientist carrying out the experiment undergoes a process known as transformation which is inserting that desired gene to the carrier. This genetically modified plant tissue is then used to create the new plant containing the desired characteristics. It is rare for one to be able to identify whether a plant or an animal has been genetically modified which has resulted in scientists adding an extra marker gene into genetically modified plants which makes the product change colour when exposed to a chemical test. The diagram below illustrates the method of genetically modifying a plant and it looks at the tomato and how it has been genetically modified into

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