What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Smartphones In Health Care

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After many years of hard work and involvement in improvement of healthcare technology, medical professionals and patients can finally enjoy the benefits of variety technology tools. As the healthcare technology is constantly evolving, the use of social media and smartphones became more popular in the healthcare. The smartphones use in the healthcare can assist in efficient communication and care, but it can also be the source of ethical, professional and legal issues. The use of cellphones and social media in health care require the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), legal, and regulatory considerations, as well as the knowledge how to avoid or correct problems regarding their use. Moreover, the awareness of advantages and disadvantages of using smartphones and social media in healthcare is needed in order to use them in beneficial way and not to harm the patients.
The nurse in the scenario did not follow the HIPAA, legal or any other regulatory requirements. The nurse did not have the right to discuss the patient’s condition with her friend. Health care professionals are obligated to protect patient privacy and confidentiality according to the HIPAA and general civil behavior guidelines (Gagnon & Sabus, 2015). The nurse had responsibility not to disclose any information about patient’s treatment to anyone who is not directly involved in patient’s care. The fact that the patient was famous singer does not justify nurse’s action. The nurse

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