What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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The sun is a very valuable source to the world today. We use it for heat, plants use it to grow, and energy such as solar power. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Solar power is the next alternative to all other sources of energy out there. Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are non-renewable, which means they are limited. Solar power energy is renewable. Humans need solar power to use solar panels. Solar panels contain solar cells that use sunlight to make electricity. By harnessing energy from the sun, dependence on more environmentally harmful sources as oil and coal can be decreased.This is a great alternative to these nonrenewable resources. Solar energy reduces the destruction of pristine forests.These forest make carbon dioxide to…show more content…
Solar power is good for everything. Also solar power gets a lot of government support. The government gives 30 percent tax credit with no upper limit. Also when you use solar power in your house you are eligible for grants and rebates. Also solar power is also improving. It was is way safer than a traditional electric current. It does not come with the high chance of shock or electric currents like a regular power grid does. Everyday solar power is also improving. Aesthetics are improving making the solar move versatile compared to the older models. Aesthetics are the type of roof tile that has solar photovoltaic cells which are integrated into them. A switch to solar can increase a home 's value without increasing property taxes.The U.S. Department of Energy says that for every dollar in energy a homeowner saves with a solar system, it also adds between 10 dollars and 20 dollars to a home’s value. Solar power is the best alternative to regular power. Solar power is renewable, it has low maintenance cost, it is always improving, the government is also behind solar power. Solar power is also good for environment. Solar power is the best thing for us and the Earth. We need solar power. It will not go

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