What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrialization In Germany

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Now to start with Germany was a country that went through many ups and downs either because of past historical leaders or economical situations that they had to face. Germany is a country that used to be seen as strong, but also a country that had been through a lot of damage for example because of long lasting wars. It used to base on only agriculture at first and thus that in return had its own advantages as well as many more disadvantages. For instance, one of the main problems and disadvantage they had was the fact that Germany didn’t have enough farms and even those that were on hand were either small or costing too much to be taken care of as have been mentioned in (apworldquig, 2010). Space wasn’t the only case to be considered as a…show more content…
In general Germany before industrialization wasn’t as independent of its self as it got after the expansion of their economy and industrial estates because it didn’t have access to many things compared to what it had after industrialization.
Industrialization is basically when the economy of a specific place or state transforms from a primarily based on agriculture economy to a one of manufacturing goods just as in the case of Germany. Germany’s industrialization up until today doesn’t have a specific date of when it began, though it has been estimated that according to (world history, 2015) Germanys industrialization began a century later than it did in other countries such as England. In which through industrialization, they had the chance to industrialize rapidly, and of course grow in terms of the economy. Up until 1870 Germany was not of a united country properly and that goes back to the struggles of powers in which it was mainly between Prussia and Austria according to (world history, 2015). This disunity somehow

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