What Are The Arguments Against Animal Testing

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Animal Rights In discussion of animal rights, one controversial issue has been whether or not animals should be used for medical testing or other kind of testing. On the one hand, some scientists argue that animal testing has contributed for many cures and treatments. On the other hand, animal rights activist contends that alternatives now exist that can replace the need for animals. Others even maintain that animal testing can save lives. My own view is that animals should not be used for medical testing because some medicine can work with animals, but we do not know how well the medicine will work on humans. Animal testing has killed millions of animals throughout time, due to the fact that they have been used for testing. It is true that animal testing has been successful on some occasions and that it has helped to improve medical treatments, but also it has been the cause of serious problems. Just because something worked on animals does not mean that it would work on humans as well. For example, the article “Animal Testing” states that “the 1950s sleeping pill thalidomide, cause thousands of babies to be born with several deformities”(Animal Testing). Another example from the article “Animal Testing Cons” by April Klazema, she states that “a…show more content…
Some of these experiments would never be used because some of them do not work or they are too dangerous for human use, but still the animals used those experiments would die. Also, animals are not used only for medical testing, it should not be done because medical testing at least had help us improving medical treatments, but cosmetic testing and other kinds of products like detergent does not. Animals should not be used to test these kind of products because this only harm the animals and does not leave us with anything that would truly help to improve our living conditions, the thing it does is to torture a lot of
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