What Are The Arguments Against School Dress Codes

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School dress codes can lead people to be embarrassed, lose self-esteem, violate people 's first amendment right of freedom of speech, and some dress codes are labeled as gender biased towards women. School dress codes can very easily harm a kids chance at being successful not only in school, but in future life as well, if they never feel comfortable in their own skin. If they can not show off who they truly are, then why do schools highlight the importance on a child 's social emotional learning, if they themselves are harming the kids. Although school dress codes do take away economic differences in school, does that qualify as a good enough reason to harm a child’s right of self-expression? I don’t believe, children need to be taught to share with people who they are and not be hiding behind a piece of clothing they were told to wear.…show more content…
In “Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York, handed out 200 detention slips for dress code violations… about 90% of which went to female students(Dockterman 1)”. Why would only women be the ones being caught for violating the terms of the dress code? It is not because they are the only ones but, because they have been taught as a young child, that they must be proper, and anything less than that is inappropriate. (Dockterman 1) also states that “rules for girls are blatantly sexual in nature, cover your skin, but are not for boys.” (Dockterman 1) also points out that this is in violation of “Title lX, the law that forbids gender discrimination in schools.” This is something that I can coincide with very much, as the only people you hear about in school being called to their deans for dress code violations are
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