What Are The Arguments Against The 4th Amendment

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Apple is trying to protect the American people that own any apple product from the FBI. The FBI wants apple to unlock the phone from the San Bernardino 's but Apple is not doing it because it is against the 4th amendment. Since the FBI can’t get into it because Apple can not give permission to the FBI, also they don’t have any reason to look at the phone so Apple did not allow tat to happen. My opinion on this matter is that apple is doing the right thing, if the government was able to get a hold of all the information that a single person had on their phone, I am pretty sure people would be embarrassed because of all the personal information on their phones. If Apple gave them the right to look through their phone than the 4th amendment would be compromised and then that can start an up riot.…show more content…
I still don’t agree to this because with the 4th amendment we have the right to privacy from the government, and that means all personal property can not get searched without the presence of a warrant. Also I love having my freedom with my phone and knowing that the government can check on anyone whenever they feel like you are a little weird so they check your personal
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