What Are The Arguments For And Against Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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The following argument is in favor of gun control. The restrictions on guns in place today are not nearly sufficient considering the level of gun violence seen on a daily basis. In the article “Stronger Gun Control Laws Will Save Lives” it is stated, “The fact is that very few federal laws regulate the manufacture, sale or possession of firearms, and those currently on the books are filled with loopholes or significantly tie the hands of law enforcement.” Arming citizens would not reduce crime or allow for self-defense, it would merely place guns into the wrong hands of people who are not trained enough or mentally stable to handle them. This is why there are so many school shootings and public massacres on television constantly broadcasted…show more content…
It is widely known and accepted by those in favor and against gun control that the Second Amendment in the Constitution clearly states an individual’s right to own guns. This was established by the founding fathers as a means for citizens to defend themselves against violence and/or tyranny. While some may argue this is an antiquated and unnecessary law, the Supreme Court has also sustained this amendment today as constitutional and adequate. Every law-abiding citizen has the right to feel protected against those who pose a threat to their safety. As stated in the article by Trevor Burrus “Face It: Guns Are Here to Stay”, “Even if the government enacted a massive program to confiscate these weapons, the feds would fail in their task and frighten millions of Americans in the process.” Gun laws simply penalize and restrict honest citizens while criminals continue to find ways and loopholes to arm themselves. Gun laws currently established serve their purpose rather poorly as criminals unceasingly buy guns even after they are said to be forbidden. History serves as a clear example of how guns protect the rights and liberties of individuals as it was private guns that aided colonists in fighting the British and gaining America’s

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