What Are The Arguments For Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Keirstyn Liddle Mod 1 Participation in Government Gun Control The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is very often misunderstood. It directly reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment has brought about two theories: the “individual right theory” and the “collective rights theory.” The first says that individuals have a right to own a gun, while the second theory states that only the local, state and federal legislatures have the right. Much controversy has been brought about because of these two theories(Second). It is unclear in the amendment whether individuals have…show more content…
In fact, each state has different laws for gun control. Some states such as New York and South Carolina have prohibited open carry for handguns while other states have zero restrictions for handguns. Anyone can walk around carrying a gun and this is not right. Everyone should not have the right to walk around with a deadly weapon in their back pocket. It simply is not needed. Many states do not even require background checks for private sales. It seems that if a state requires background checks and considers mental illnesses, they have a higher “Gun Control Grade(Kirk).” In all, I believe that the use of guns need to be limited. Specifically in my community, guns do not seem to be a problem. Although just a few cities away in Syracuse there are shootings you hear about everyday with 15 year old kids just because they are trying to have fun. It is ridiculous. We will never be able to keep every single gun and person under control, but if we take more steps into making it our laws in the country more unified, I think the violence rate in the United States will dramatically

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