What Are The Bad Habits Of The Week Essay

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Escape From the Digital World It’s 21st century. Technology developed so much that it achieved to get into our pockets nowadays. It’s definitely a wonderful thing to use and benefit from. It helps us in our daily lives, saves lives, educates people and does many more things. We use it for nearly everything and we use it every time. However, when we use something too much, it may affect us in a bad way. Recently, there is an international movement called “Shut Down Your Screen Week.” The parents and teachers think that not using any electronic media for an entire week would be great for students. Robert College should join this week, because as it has mentioned before, students are always using their computers, and it causes some bad habits. The two important and main bad habits that students do are: firstly students isolate themselves the world around them and secondly, their brain slow down, and it’s all because of computers. The first reason is that students…show more content…
The reason why is that they can easily access whatever information they need in a second. Human brain is a wonderful machine, and it’s way better than computers. Computers aren’t equal to human brains. Just to remember, computers are made by human brains, so brains are always superior than the computers. However, people’s brain needs to practise, and needs to improve itself, not slow itself down. By reaching every information in a second slows down people’s brains. To make it clear, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” article says “What really makes us intelligent isn’t our ability to find lots of information. It’s our ability to think deeply about that information.” (Carr) When people search and find that information, people don’t think about it and just take what they need and forget about that information. However, thinking about that information would improve people, and maybe it might lead a lot of new inventions and new
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