What Are The Barriers In Healthy Americans

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One of the barriers mentioned in Healthy Americans is educating providers about the new change and working with them to develop referral relationships with new providers/programs. I believe this is a barrier due to there not being a structured process to ensure that referrals to community based prevention services have been deliver and the outcomes of those services. This was also something mentioned within the article. The providers may also need a continuing education crash course on what population health is and how it can provide assistance and be implemented within the medical model. This will create awareness and streamline issues of referring for the wrong program or not knowing what is out there. This will also help alleviate issues of reimbursement of Medicaid because providers will understand the need and be able to advocate for these services.…show more content…
The concept behind population health is that there are other factors surrounding the care of patients and that it is not limited to just a medical aspect. If the true concern in to make individuals healthy, all aspects of a patient should be accounted for. The Nemours article reveals a sufficient amount of examples demonstrating in various situations such as an asthma related case, and recommendations made by a physician to establish Medicaid reimbursement of non-medical services. Cases such as these are very relevant in today’s healthcare, because once again, it brings to light that both the medical and population based communities are attempting to work together to solve common issues within their

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