Inclusive Pedagogy Essay

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Education has fundamentally been treated as the customary means of creating a more equal society however for some it has meant equality of opportunity to become uneven whereas for others it is for attaining greater equity in outcomes. Class, gender and ethnic inequalities are perceived as barriers that education has to confront in order to achieve justice in the distribution of opportunities and rewards. Therefore this essay is devoted to a critical philosophical discussion and analysis of educational implication of inclusive pedagogy.
From philosophical point of view inclusion refers to a situation where everyone is been given equal opportunities regardless of their race, gender, disability medical or other need, that will consequently allow them an opportunity to share in learning experiences where they will gain knowledge that each individual has value and self-respect, morefurther, ensuring that they all live to the fullest and learn to live together. While inclusive education is all about embracing all, making a commitment to do whatever it takes to
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Most of the barriers impacting on learner’s development came as a results of socio-economic deprivation consequently leaving most South Africans as victims of exclusion in education. The broadest of these challenges goes beyond a narrow view of education, but certainly has a profound effect on it. This challenge encompasses the full extent of social reconstruction, including tackling issues of poverty, housing and health, lack of access to basic services, unequal distribution of educational resources in schools, inappropriate language of learning and teaching (Bantu education) and inadequate policies and

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