What Are The Benefits Of Birth Control Essay

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Birth control has several uses which can prevent unwanted pregnancies, help menstrual cycles, and reduce acne. Young women such as teens may not want to go through all the doctor visits to get a prescription of birth control pills when they could just go to a local pharmacy and buy some if the law were to be passed. Not only, is birth control used to prevent pregnancies, but also can be used to help a woman 's menstrual cycling.

Multiple uses of Birth Control can be acquired for alleviating women who need their menstrual cycle controlled or to lower the chances of conception. The teen pregnancy rate in America has a percentage of fifty. Having birth control at your local pharmacy without a prescription can be beneficial and could lower the teen pregnancy rate. Usually, doctors who prescribe their young patients give them low dosages of estrogen; the effects of the pills will still occur, but not strong enough to be harmful. Meanwhile, the young girls who have menstrual cramps that do not have a prescription will use pain relievers such as Tylenol which could be used improperly without adult supervision and very harmful with severe health risk. Results, have shown that women want
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Everyone has an opinion and may say that birth control shouldn’t be used at such a young age. The point of birth control is to help not conceive and some believe that young women shouldn’t be having intercourse at such a young age. Doctors usually give prescriptions to young women who request they want birth control. The young women should get checks-ups frequently to assure that she is capable of taking birth control. The improperness of birth control can be effective to teens who are sexually active. If a young woman uses birth control in an improper way while being sexually active, she would be more likely prone to contract a sexually transmitted
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