What Are The Benefits Of Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech refers to the right to express your own views. In United States of America (USA), people believe that freedom of speech is a form of basic human rights which should not be limited or taken away by the government. Thus, in the eyes of the law, Americans are allowed to condemn the government, protest and express views freely.

Singapore on the other hand, is extremely different. The right to freedom of speech is restricted, including freedom of speech involving race and religion. The reason for doing so is mainly to promote racial and religious harmony.

As seen from two countries having different stances, it goes to show that there are both advantages and disadvantages to freedom of speech.

One benefit of freedom of speech is that it promotes democracy. Singapore is a democratic country. A truly democratic society includes giving citizens basic human rights. Freedom of speech is one of those rights.

Another benefit is that it facilitates active discussion. When
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I think that this is important to preserve social harmony.

Firstly, freedom of speech in Singapore is restricted. It disallows negativity in particular. However, currently even when not restricted, there are not many cases where people complimented other race and religions. People tend to focus on unhappy incidents instead. Personally, I think that allowing freedom of speech is just opening the floodgate to negativity and racial oppression eventually.

Secondly, I think that some people are not sensible and respectful enough in their thoughts and expression. Although freedom of speech is restricted, it did not stop Amos Yee from criticizing Christians. “A huge religious cult responsible for causing centuries of violence, a sickening numbers of deaths, inflicting fear and intimidation to generations of children, persecuting homosexuals up to this day” (Amos Yee,
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