What Are The Benefits Of Giving Back To The Community

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Giving back can really change and uplift a community in many ways. It is a reassurance to the people, that one day their struggle will be over. Whether it is words of advice or feeding the hungry it will still benefit someone in some way. In some communities less fortunate than others they tend to lack role models. Having someone in the community constantly giving back can be seen as a role model in the eyes of many children. Children having a decent role model could help guide them on the right path. Not only do children need role models, adults also need an extra push sometimes. There are many non-profit organizations that help adults with getting jobs and teaching them everyday work skills. Everyone deserves to reach success in their lifetime. Some communities highly depend on…show more content…
Making someone smile can change their whole perception of life. Giving back has a chain reaction. Once one person starts changing lives others will start to follow. This is a chain reaction that I definitely want to be apart of. When I think of giving back, catering to the children is the first thing that comes to mind. Back to school time is nerve wrecking for both parents and their children. A back to school supply drive is something I would participate in to obtain my community service hours. Parents already have the weight of everyday expenses and I would like to lift the expenses of school supplies for them. Children everyday struggle with lessons they learn in school. Most students do not receive help because they are too scared to ask because they do no want to feel like they are not as smart as their peers. Throughout high school I have helped neighborhood kids with their homework and if they need extra help outside the class. Through college, I would like to proceed to do the same thing gaining most of my hours as a volunteer tutor with kids of all ages. State testing is a stressful situation with most kids. I would like to share my tips to help them prepare for big

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