What Are The Benefits Of Imperialism

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Imperialism is when a country uses military force to spread their influence or power to other places in the world. Imperialism in for the U.S. was a success because it gave us better places for naval ships to refuel so we could build ports on other small islands. It led to the spread of english in non english speaking countries. Imperialism also helped with economic growth in the U.S. and other countries. In 1898 the united states of America annexed Hawaii. Before the annexation had Hawaii queen called Lili 'Uokalani when she tried to stop the U.S. from taking Hawaii she was arrested and confined to just a room. The Hawaiian ports made it easier for the navy to refuel and rest. Another advantage of imperialism is that we got Panama and built the Panama canal which helper get ships thru the small island that connect…show more content…
Because the American economy was reliant on trading and doing business with other countries the more land we imperialised the easier it was to do business with counties on the other side of the world. With the spread of technology the colonies got railroads, phone lines, and dams. This helped their economy because they were now able to sell or trade goods easier. but also spread supplies throughout the region much better than any transportation technology they had before. In return of taking of land the us built better schools which meant there was better teaching and more successful people making new innovations. Overall I think that imperialism had a positive impact on the world because of easier ship travel, better economy and trade, but also because we spread important pieces of american society like our language and religion. Of course american imperialism had its bumps along the way but they do not compare to the positive impacts it
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