What Are The Benefits Of Massage Therapy Essay

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3. Clam and relax your body
When your body becomes tighter due to a tense week at work so, a Swedish or hot steam massage enables you to relax. These types of massage will give correct pressure or use with heat can soothe your muscle pain.

4. Better your sleep
Many health problems are due to lack of sleep, depression risk and damaged the immune system. Weekly massage of the body will make you fall into deep relaxation and lead to proper sleep. After a long hectic day, it is necessary to get a massage therapy to reduce your exhaustion.

5. Boost Immune system
As we know, people with high-stress level are more susceptible to injury and sickness. Stressed individuals with poor nutrition and sleep disturbance will affect the immune system. Its
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The massage therapy can overcome the tension between the skin and adjoining tissues. Likewise, massage sessions can also increase circulation of blood and oxygen. Massaging also allows you easy absorption of face product into the skin. Massage would benefit you from early signs of ageing and make you look younger as well.

14. Manage Diabetes
Diabetes patients can control stress, strain and increases the blood circulation by massage. The benefits of massage therapy are many for diabetic patients. The benefits include reducing blood sugar, removing toxins and stimulating lymph nodes. Stress is the main reason for the increase in blood sugar level. Thus, massage therapy helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in normal by reducing stress hormones.

15. Helps Cancer Patients
Massage is beneficial for cancer patients as well prior and after the treatment. Extensive massage sessions will lower the problems caused by cancer cells as well. Massage can manage cancer-related symptoms like nausea, pain, depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

16. Relieves Symptoms of Postmenstrual cycle
As every woman experience pain during their menstrual cycle. The regular massaging can combat postmenstrual cycle symptoms like irritability, headache, and anxiety.

17. Increases Hair

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