What Are The Benefits Of Playing Video Games Essay

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Video Games Video games are the concept of imaginary worlds where the people are in command. A video game is a game played by pictures being electrically manipulated by a computer or a game system like an Xbox or Playstation. The game itself is an imaginary world where people and sometimes there friends are in control of the outcome. The history of the video games starts with the invention of Pong it was created in november 1972, its a simple game of electronic tennis against an AI. The first computer game was Space Wars that was released in 1962 but was not a true game because it was originally a simulation scientist used. Although many people say video games are bad for mental, physical and social health there are benefits to playing video games such as increasing skills for surgeons and gaining social skills.
There are many benefits to a person 's health after playing video games. While playing sports themed video games they are more likely to go out and play them in real life.Video games such as dance dance revolution inside arcades have the person moving around trying to keep up with the machine. Finally video games help out surgeons that do laparoscopic surgery, saying “Surgeons improved their laparoscopic skills by playing video
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There are always going to be the cases of childhood obesity but that is after excessive amounts of gaming and this can be avoided with little exercise. It will also affect a person 's posture but a easy way to get rid of that is a better chair were they cannot slouch. There are some problems that don 't have a simple solution were the problem causes serious damage. Such as “29 percent of patients with epilepsy suffered video-game-induced seizures” but most games that can cause that problem will give a warning before the game starts(Regal). There are a few negative effects from playing video games but most of them can be solved with simple

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