What Are The Benefits Of Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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Standardized Testing is not a good choice for a test because it does not show how a student really works or understands what is being taught. The purpose of school was once to just learn, now it is focused on just passing a test. In schools everything is focused on passing a test that can make or break a student. Standardized tests takes away from teaching, does not show true abilities, and makes a higher climate for cheating. Standardized Testing takes away from class time. Teachers are focusing on teaching education that will only be used on the test. According to ProCon.org, “A typical student takes 112 mandates standardized tests between pre-kindergarten classes and 12th grade. By contrast, most countries that outperform the United States on international exams test students 3 times during their school careers.” If you want students to do good on tests they will need more time to learn the material. When teachers make students learn just information on the test there is really no point in learning it, if you are never going to use it in a real life setting. According to ProCon.org, “Opponents say the tests are neither fair nor objective, that their use promotes a narrow curriculum and…show more content…
When students don’t know the material they are being tested over, the student will want to do good on it. They will do whatever to take to be able to do good. According to Robert Schaffer, “When test scores are all that matter, teachers, principals, and students will get their results by hook or by crook. They will do what it takes when their future depends on one thing.” This quote explains exactly what schools systems will do when everything depends and a test. According to ProCon.org, “Some experts allege that the pressure of high stake testing create a climate of cheating.” This quote shows that it is true that the pressure will make students want to do good, so they will do what it
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