Challenges Of Studying Abroad

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Studying and living abroad can really open a new world to students and it allows them to learn more about the different cultures in different countries as they are studying. With cheaper and more affordable air-tickets and overseas tuition fees, as well as having more young people willing to spend money on travels as well as education. The amount of young people studying and living abroad is increasing at a tremendous speed. According to Sood (2012), the number of students studying abroad from all around the world raised up from 0.8 million in 1975 to 3.7 million in 2009 and this number has been increasing by around 12% every year. In general, studying abroad is known as spending the study term semester out in another country as well as living…show more content…
As with any research done, the above discussion has only given some of the main problems that young people will face when they are studying abroad and what are the possible solutions to help overcome them are. Despite having considered these problems, more young people are still willing to take up the challenge and travel to study abroad. It might be worthwhile exploring the benefits studying abroad has and whether it is worth going through these problems that studying abroad has. In my opinion, I feel that studying abroad is something that is worth considering as it really opens up a new world to students who are studying abroad. Gaining new insights, developing better communication skills as well as learning more about the cultures in the students` host country. These are not chances that would come by easy. It is best to do it when students are still studying as they have more time compared to a working adult. In all, studying abroad is something that students will benefit from studying abroad as it allows the student to learn things that school does not teach. However, it is best to plan beforehand as the sum of money involved is not a very small

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