What Are The Benefits Of The Articles Of Confederation

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After declaring of independence from Britain in 1777, the representatives, who participated the Constitutional Congress meetings in 1774, formed together to create the Congress. Power within the Congress believed that creating an official document, a constitution specifically, will create a timeless guide for a beneficial and successful government system for the United States. Not only will that document bring peace between all of the current thirteen-states, but for also the future of America. The first constitution that was officially agreed on was the Articles of Confederation. the Article of Confederation, however, was not as successful as many had thought during the first time it was written. The Article, had strong, but broad, promises, which created gaps in-between states. The nation they hoped to unify, was soon ripping apart, as the Article of Confederation instead of setting a…show more content…
Congress soon realized that the Article of Confederation wasn 't as strong of a constitution they hoped for. In fact, James Madison believed the Article was just a "rope of sand" that would hold the nation together. The nation they had passionately fought for was breaking apart due to a flimsy constitution and something had to happen before matters turn to worse. Things had to happen before anything more could become worse. In February of 1787, fifty-five delegates from twelve states of America, came together to create the new Constitution. The Constitution, they believed, must apply for all situations they could possibly go through; and what is impactful and agreeable to their everyday life, which includes the economy, slave trade, how the government would set up, how the states would be represented, et cetra. The meetings was full of arguments as each state had different opinions and perspectives on things and many agreements had to issue what each part of thirteen states
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