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One of the most popular diets people choose to lose weight is liquid diet. As the name says, liquid diet restricts your calorie intake by consuming liquid food only. Those liquids such as fruit or vegetable juices or shakes are taken to replace your meals, three or four times a day. However, other types of this diet only replace your solid food with liquids twice a day ( usually breakfast and lunch), and allow you to have a healthy dinner. Yet, you can still enjoy your healthy snack bar for in-between meals.
There are some benefits of liquid diet:
Weight loss:
Liquid diet helps you lose weight more quickly as you consume less calories. In addition, liquid diet also helps boost liver function, thanks to reduction in calories’ intake. If your liver is overtaxed, it will halt the removal of fat from blood stream.
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However, consider the side effect. You must be prepared to anticipate the side effects of liquid diet such as fatigue, dizzy, hunger pangs, and weak. Be ready if you visit a bathroom quite often because of this diet as it causes a significant change in your bowel function.

• No scientific evidence
Juice diet proponents claim this diet is the healthiest way to cleanse your body from all wastes and toxic materials. However, no supporting evidence shows that liquid diet is a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the argument that says that this diet rests our digestive system does not sound logical as our digestive system works every day and needs no rest.

This diet is also costly. If you rely on processed juice from groceries, just calculate how much you spend on juices daily?

• It causes tooth decay
Natural fruits are healthy and high in natural sugar. This natural sugar, if consumed too much for long, can harm your teeth like what candies and soda drinks do, according to Biomimetic dentist Dr. Matthew Nejad, biomimetic dentist at USC’s School of Dentistry.

Then, what’s
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