What Are The Benefits Of Year Round School

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Attending classes year round would be outrageous. If the students did attend classes year round it would be hard to spend time with family or friends, the students would have no beaks from homework, and wouldn’t get a 10-to 12-week summer break. Having year round classes is crazy, because students would be so bored with the same subjects every day and it would feel like summer is disappearing. The impacts of year round school would probably effect more people. The teachers would get so tired of the kids, that it would lack their ability to teach and for the students to learn. Also would be kind of disappointing when you have a friend in year round school and you can’t make summer plans because his schedule is different from yours. What about the holidays? None of the students would like to go to …show more content…

Students who go to a regular school with summer breaks would be easier for teens to find jobs. While they are working they could be saving money up for their college. This would help the students make more money than just a short period of time. If you’re in a year round school you would only have a job for only a couple just a couple of weeks. It so stressful for parents because they have to pay for more gas to take their kids to school, they would have to pay for more lunches, and if they don’t eat school lunch parents have to buy more groceries. The year round school schedule can make finding appropriate childcare a problem too. Attending a year round school causes a lot of problems. It changes a lot in your summer vacation schedule. The classes make it more stressful for the students. The kids could be so bored out their mind knowing that the other kids at a regular school are having more fun than they are. So should we have year round school? I disagree 100%, all the way. We should have summers that are spent with friends and family. Not spent stuck in a class

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