What Are The Boatwrights-Personal Narrative Fiction

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I ran away to Tiburon with Rosaleen my nanny. I had found some of my mothers things in the attic. I found a picture of my mom, Deborah, a wooden picture of a black Mary, and a pair of white gloves. When we reached Tiburon, I saw the same picture of the black Mary on honey jars that were being sold in a small grocery store. I got so excited because that was my next clue. I went to the store clerk and asked him questions, I found out that the label belongs to a family of sisters, the Boatwrights. We found our way to the pink house outside of town. I lied about my earlier life hoping that I could stay long enough to find out if my mother had ever stayed there. August and her two sisters May and June let us stay at their house. I met a boy named Zach that I have a crush on, and he wants to become a lawyer, which reminded me of you when you told me to do better than…show more content…
Zach works on the Boatwright farm to earn money for college. I decided to make the right choice and tell August who I really am, and that my father didn 't die, but that he was abusive and I ran away. T- Ray found me by a strange number that appeared on his phone bill, he called it and it was a women named Ms. Lacy, who told him about me. T-Ray showed up at the front door at the Boatwright farm. T-Ray looked confused to me and started to yell, I was scared and panicked so I called him dad, then he stopped. At that moment I finally understood him for once. He was demanding me to move back to Sylvan, but I couldn 't go back because August, May, and June where my family now. August stood up to him, so that I didn 't have to go back. While he was leaving I still had one question bothering me. I never knew if I actually killed my mother, so I yelled to T-Ray to stop him. I asked him if I killed Deborah, he said I did. I decided to forgive my mom and myself. I went to school with Zack, and remain part of a wonderful
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