What Are The Border Differences In A People's History Of The United States

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1. The border differences between the two maps were the Oregon Territory 1846, Mexican Cession 1848, Gadsden Purchase 1853, Disputed Texas Territory 1848, and the Lonestar Republic 1845. This is because on the second map it highlights the certain states that offer natural resources and it shows no states being divided or excluded from the rest of the United States. Meaning that all the states shown are apart of the U.S. and that there are no territories shared or owned by another country. Whereas, the first map shows the different territories owned and shared by the United States. Such as, the Oregon territory which was owned by the British and the United States. Since neither of the countries wanted war, the President James K. Polk signed a treaty with the British, to prevent that.…show more content…
The United States gained from the expansion, aside land, was the resources found in the different states owned. For example, the state of California contributed gold and oil. The United States should have not gone declared war with Mexico because it resulted in many deaths on both sides. A second reason was since the U.S. gained new land it caused a problem, in whether to allow slavery in the new territory or not. It put both anger and fear in the Americans that didn 't want slavery. Even though some people think that it was a good idea that the United States declared war against Mexico. For reasons, like it contributed to the land expansion of the U.S. and the discovery of natural resources. I still stand by my statement and say that it was not the better choice because of the effecting aftermath. Such as, the enormous amounts of deaths and the slavery issue it
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