What Are The Causes Of African Americans In The 1930's

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In around 1930 Oklahoma,Texas,Kansas,New Mexico and Colorado were mostly dry grasslands. These states got hit by these black dust and dirt storms many times. People used wet towels to cover cracks in the houses like under doors and windows so the dust/dirt wouldn’t go into the houses. Farmers could only grow a few things like wheat and corn and they had cattle. They were already in a stock market crash and was in the middle of The Great Depression. It got so dry there wern’t able to grow anything ,so farmers were going through financial problems.Big gust of winds were killing cattle and destroying car engines, it slowly started killing people. While all of this happened people were moving from state to state trying to find jobs, but so were the people who already lived there. People who moved mostly ‘camped out’ because they couldn’t afford to buy a house, also they had to do what they could so their kids would go starving.…show more content…
mobs of people who already lived there went to where they camped out with weapons like clubs and ax handles, and tried scaring them off because they were over crowding public places like schools. After The Great Depression ended things began to get better, farmer started being able to grow things again and everyone started making money again, and in a few years rain began to come again.Even though it all got better it was considered the worst Dust Bowl of the
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