Genocide In Russia Essay

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There have been several conflicts in Russia and Europe, especially early on. Before borders were set, mountains were natural borders. Many different cultures formed because people were isolated by these mountains. Eventually, when the groups began moving around, culture and religious conflicts occured. Genocide became a large issue. This was where one cultural group mass murdered another group for their beliefs or lifestyles. Eventually, Czars came to power and made advances to the region but ruled harshly. Russia was in the feudalism times, so Nobles and Kings ruled over Serfs, who were essentially peasants on the land. They worked in harsh working conditions and had no education. Eventually, however, Czar Alexander II abolished Serfs, but they still had little education, and overall didn’t have an impact. People them began getting fed up with the Czars, so they marched to protest. These protests ended with over 1,000 protester deaths. There was great…show more content…
He ordered all farmland to be owned by the government which, in turn, resulted in a famine. The USSR was invaded by Germany, and that brought them into WWII. After WWII, the USSR had been creating Satellites by taking over countries. The U.S. was concerned about this, so the U.S. used containment to stop the spread of communism. This was because of the domino theory, where there was a fear of one part of Asia being taken over would result in all of Asia being taken over by communist rule. This occured in what is called the “Cold War”. It wasn’t a large fighting war, or hot war, but was more of a containment war. The rise of nuclear weapons resulted in M.A.D. or Mutually Assured Destruction which was an agreement that if one country shot a missile off, the other one did. This led to the Cuban Missile Crisis where the USSR planted nukes in Cuba. The Cold War also included the Korean War and Vietnam War where the U.S. supported non-communist

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