Causes Of Dry Eyes Essay

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Dry eyes or the dry eye syndrome is a medical condition that occurs in some humans. It describes when your tear glands produce low quality tears or do not produce enough tears for lubricating your eyes. Dry eyes can be painful and usually causes discomfort to the victim.
Both environment and medical factors can cause dry eyes in an individual. Some of the most common causes of the dry eye syndrome include:
• Aging
• Dehydration
• Certain medications
• Certain medical conditions like thyroid disorders, arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, diabetes and vitamin A deficiency
• Radiation
• Chronic allergies
• Exposure to smoke, wind or dry air
• Hormonal changes in women
• Wearing contact lenses
If you don’t treat dry eyes on time, it can cause the surface of your
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How to Get Rid of Dry Eyes
If you have dry eyes, do not panic. There are several ways to get rid of dry eyes. Most times when you consult your doctor, he or she would usually recommend eye ointment or drops. However, there are natural ways to get rid of dry eyes. I call them the home remedies for dry eyes. These natural remedies work perfectly to prevent and reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.
Although, you still need to consult your doctor so as to determine which of these remedies suits you best. Below are 9 effective home remedies for dry eyes alongside the instructions on how to use them.
Home Remedies for Dry eyes
1. Warm Compress
Using a warm compress is a great way to get rid of dry eyes. The heat from the compress increases blood circulation around your eye region and promotes tears formation. It also soothes your eye irritations and provides relief from symptoms.
• Lukewarm water
• A clean cloth (lint-free)

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