1798 Rising Causes

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The 1798 Rising, and its aftermath achieved a considerable number of things. Yes, it was potent and as Alvin Jackson mentions, it combined many things including an intellectually coherent and accessible ideology of Liberation. But what Jackson doesn’t mention is that the 1798 Rising shattered relationships within Ireland and evoked the gory memories of 1641. The people of Ireland had high hopes for the forthcoming years before the Rebellion, they wanted an end to the sectarian bitterness but unfortunately, this would not be the case. Although the 1798 Rebellion ended in failure, it did cause inspiration for some, that would lead to future rebellions. The origins of the 1798 Rebellion can be traced back to 18 October 1791, when a political club…show more content…
The Defenders were founded in the 1780’s and merged with the United Irishmen in 1795. This brought the numbers up to a significant 100,000.” In recruiting Defenders, the United Irishmen exploited and exacerbated sectarian fears in an effort to broaden the social and religious base of the revolutionary movement”. This led the United Irishmen to become a more rebel movement and due to this, the movement strengthened rapidly. But despite this, the United Irishmen decided to seek military help from the French government. The Rising was then postponed until the French troops landed in Ireland. From even the beginning of the rising there was an exceeding amount of historical resentment and religious prejudices that was perhaps, always going to result in a…show more content…
“The memory of 1798 would be both a proud inspiration for some and a dire warning to others” . One thing that wasn’t influential was the United Irishmen as it collapsed shortly after the rebellion ended. “The movement collapsed under the strains of severe government repression, repeated disappointment of hopes for French assistance, the arrest or defection of its ablest leaders, and internal dissension and distrust” . Even though it collapsed, it could have still have made an effect on future rebellions. Ireland is known for its history of failed rebellions, but each rising holds a fundamental role in history. If it weren’t for these rebellions, what else would inspire the country to fight for liberation. uprisings gave the people of Ireland reason to believe they could make a difference even when they resented other religions. The 1798 rebellion may have lacked some logic but it was extremely potent with regards to modern
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