What Are The Causes Of The Black Plague

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The Black Plague The disease that wiped out thirds of the population, destroying civilizations. The age after the seven-year famine, that had already wiped out ten percent of the population, would lead straight into the period of death and mourning, called The Black Plague. This period started in the late 1348s and ended in estimated years. In the 14th century, humans didn’t have the science and medicine that we have today. The fact of the matter was in that time if you or your loved ones obtained the virus, you would be dead in around a week. The Black plague was so disastrous because of how fast and deadly it was, the effects on religion and ethics, and the way it changed art forever. The plague spread like a wildfire in the mid-14th century, probably the worst outbreak of a disease in history. According to Robert Kastenbaum the virus first struck in 431 B.C.E in Athens, Greece and then broke out a second time one hundred years later in Egypt, Northern…show more content…
According to David Routt Europe’s population didn’t recover until one to two century’s after the plague ended. In the late medieval era, before the plague, the population was growing fast and the farming began to go through hardships (the seven-year famine). “Imbalance between population and food supply; redressing the imbalance became inevitable”. The black plague created the reformation of Europe, not by any means was the plague a good occurrence but it in fact did diminish the population dramatically and ended the hunger and famine in Europe. The peasants came out victorious after the plague would have ended, they demanded higher rates. “The plague wrought its havoc even-handedly among rich and poor”
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