The Conflict In Bosnia

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April 1992, Bosnia were declared as an independent country by the European people and the United States, but the struggle for Bosnian territorial sovereignty had not ended. This is because of the three main groups fought each other within the country which is Bosnian Muslims, Serbs, and Croats. The international community tried to help them with their war but unfortunately it is not working.. The conflict was very violent in the eastern part of Bosnia, near Serbia, between the Serbs and Bosnians. The Serbs, who opposed the creation of a Bosnian state within their territory, began to bomb major cities in Bosnia, including Sarajevo and Mostar, and also took hold of wide areas of Bosnia in order to form a Serbian territory. The Serbian soldiers were urged on by a televised publicity campaign from the Serbian capital city of Belgrade; the campaign are against the…show more content…
Thousands of Muslims from Sarajevo and its surrounding towns were arrested and sent to Foca prison, one of the largest in Yugoslavia. Women were separated from men and taken to public buildings or hotels, where they were beaten, tortured, and raped cruelly at the hands of hundreds of Serbian soldiers over the course of many months. Because of these incidents, many of the female captives lost all of their strength and suffered from sexually diseases. Srebrenica is a city somewhere in Bosnia. The Serbs think that the area of the city strategically important and attempted to conquer it. After a number of battles between Bosnians and Serbs in the area, the United Nations in April 1993 declared Srebrenica as their protected area. The Serbian forces did not accept the decision and continued to send forces and ammunition to the area and to block the entry of supplies to Bosnian people. The condition of the people were getting worse until there were shortages of fuel, food, medicine, and ammunition. In July 1995, Serbian forces took control of Srebrenica
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