What Are The Causes Of The California Gold Rush

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California is known for many great events, but the biggest one of them all would probably be the gold rush. The gold rush started when the first amount of gold was found in 1848. The news of this gold also brought people from everywhere to california. The gold rush did not just have people finding gold, but these people also built little towns. In the towns came people that had built and managed stores. The gold rush impacted the state of California in many different ways.
When the news of these large amounts of gold being found got out, people from around the world came to try their luck at the gold rush. When these people were coming to california some of them were coming on ships from other countries. Some of these people also came with their covered wagons. There were over 300,000 people in total that were looking to find some gold of their own. Some of the different countries that these people came from are Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. All of these people from around the world that came to California seeking gold had gotten the title the forty-niners. One of the causes of this gold rush is that there was a very large increase of beef cattle moved into california to meet the demands of food that was need to feed everyone.
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In this time period there was a lot of violence, and California at this time was know as the wild west. One of the causes for this violence is that there was a low amount of control by any law. Another reason that the gold rush was so violent is because there was a lot of racial attacks against from the Americans towards the immigrants that had come from different countries. During the gold rush there was a government setup to help control all of this violence. The racial violence was always mostly aimed towards Latin Americans and
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