What Are The Causes Of The Economic Panic Of 1819

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Chapter 12: The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism (1812-1824)

On to Canada over Land and Lakes the characteristics of the regular army during the War of 1812 were not very well distinguished
Canada was the perfect breeding ground for war because the British had weak forces there - however the Americans did a terrible job fighting with their “three pronged invasion” unlike America the British and Canadian forces were perfect at capturing territory due greatly to their amazing leader general Isaac Brock after the Americans many losses in 1813 they built a navy which was more successful than the army and more skilled
Oliver Hazard Perry led a group of seamen with ships on Lake Erie and captured a British fleet which led
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The So-Called Era of Good Feelings
James Monroe was nominated for president in 1816 and won 183 to 34 unlike the former presidents Monroe was not as distinguished, yet he got the job done
Monroe took a tour in 1817 to inspect military defenses, he was greeted kindly, newspapers saying he brought an “Era of Good Feelings” however “the Era of Good Feelings” didn’t match the meaning of its name it only lasted the first couple years, and then the problems started coming in

The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of the Hard Times deflation, depression, bankruptcies, bank failures, unemployment were effects of the economic panic the main cause of the economic panic in 1819 was because of the “over speculation in frontier lands with the financial situations the Bank of the United States foreclosed farms in the West but in the eyes of the western debtors the Bank was now their enemy the panic of 1819 created trouble in the political and social world - people were ripped from their families for owing a few dollars Growing Pains of the West
9 states joined the original 13 in order to preserve the North-South sectional balance situations like the “Ohio fever” had many people expanding westward because of the bad soil due to tobacco
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