What Are The Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French revolution lasted from 1789 until 1799 which was carried onward by Napoleon. It inspired a number of revolutionary movements of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that made the final end to institutions such as absolutism, feudalism, class privilege and legal inequality, and spread the principles of natural right, equality and freedom throughout the world. This revolution was a fight for liberal democracy where French experienced violent political periods. Finally monarch was over thrown and republic was established. Again, republic was overthrown and dictatorship under Napoleon came to power. This war not only effected French but global conflict extended to the Caribbean to the Middle East. According to many historians this French revolution is considered as one of the most important events in human history. The causes of this revolution are known to…show more content…
Though the beginning of French revolution was just a movement for government reforms, but later it twisted ferocious that leaded to the abolition of monarchy and execution of King Louis XVI. To resolve the monarch’s financial crisis, the estate general was called by King Louis XVI on May, 1789. The member of the third estate made their own national assembly fearing to bear the financial burden, and pledged Tennis Court Oath, and decided to remain there until a new constitution has been made. In addition, July 14, 1789, angry people of France, saw bastille a place to vent their frustration and marquis De Launay along with his troop found no option else then to surrender to the mob. After coming to know about the fall of the Bastille, King Louis XVI removed the imperial troops from the French capital and brought back finance minister Jacques Necker However, he could no longer converse the Revolution, while the National Assembly (from July 9 formally called the National Constituent Assembly) became de facto the French
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